Missile Defense Issues for the 114th Congress

The 114th Congress has seen a shift in power toward the Republican Party for the first time since 2006. Voters weary of deadlock on Capitol Hill will hold their newly elected representatives to a high standard and hope that they will work together to tackle the issues facing the nation today. After a summer of …

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Destructive Criticism

Senator Coburn’s write up on U.S. homeland missile defense is misleading and unhelpful. Homeland missile defense is a strategic necessity in today’s world. The threat ballistic missile attack from rogue states or the threat of an accidental or inadvertent launch cannot be reliably deterred by threats of offensive retaliation. Investment in building and improving our …

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We Know Nothing About North Korea

IAN WILLIAMS To guard against an enigmatic adversary, we cannot afford to leave any tools on the table. The 40-day disappearance of Kim Jong Un had the world caught up in wild speculation. Had he been overthrown? Was his sister now running the country? Did he eat too much cheese? Based on his reemergence in the …

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Modeling the Threat

Ian Williams – Even the most ‘in the know’ intelligence analysts would give almost anything for the chance to tour a North Korean ballistic missile launch facility. But thanks to the work of Nathan Hunt and 38North.org, anyone with an internet connection can take a virtual stroll through one of the most restricted and secretive places on Earth.

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Patch up Asian-Pacific BMD

HARRISON MENKE Why the United States shouldn’t rest easy on Pacific BMD This summer, U.S. ballistic missile defenses (BMD) notched a key achievement in the Asian-Pacific. Rather than on the target range however, this time the success came from the diplomatic front. In August, Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel …

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