Why The United States Should Not Cut Funding for Israel’s Missile Defense Systems


As the world has seen in the past few weeks, Israel has been under attack again by the terrorist group Hamas with a deluge of rockets, mortars, and missiles from the Gaza Strip. Fortunately for Israel, it is armed with its short-range anti-rocket system known as Iron Dome. Iron Dome, which was deployed in 2011, is designed to intercept very short-range rocket threats between two and forty-five miles. Iron Dome’s selective targeting system and radars detect and destroy incoming projectiles that threaten population centers by utilizing Tamir interceptors. In addition to the Iron Dome, Israel currently has an X-Band radar system and is developing a short/medium-range system called David’s Sling, the Arrow Anti-Missile System, and a higher-altitude missile defense system. All of these projects are progressing with the technological assistance and funding of the United States.